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Airbus A350 BMW Designworks interior

Airbus A350 BMW Designworks interior

Airbus A350 BMW Designworks interior
all images: Airbus
The Airbus A350 passenger jet is due to enter service in 2010. Available in two different versions, the A350-800, which can accept 253 passengers in three classes, and the A350-900 which can handle up to 300 passenger, also in three different classes. Both versions will be controlled by fly-by-wire systems and promise lower maintenance costs and better fuel economy. Useful when you can cover up to 8,800 nautical miles in one trip.

At the 2006 Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Airbus is due to show a mockup of an A350 interior designed by BMW Designworks. The stylish cabin has some interesting features which are designed to relax the passengers and save space. There is also a cool mood lighting feature which can project images like the night sky or clouds onto the ceiling.

A350 chief engineer Dougie Hunter says, “In the entrance area there is a dome that that gives us the feeling of spaciousness or openness in the cabin and configured for whatever mood you want to generate,” Hunter says.

Airbus has also improved the overhead bin design to increase their volume. “The number of bags that can be accommodated in the centre bin of the business area will be two standard roller bags per passenger,” says Hunter. “The economy bins can take one standard roller bag per passenger.”

Airbus will reveal more information on the BMW Designworks interior for the A350 after the Hamburg show in April.