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Not all vehicles were created equal. Some were blessed with beautifully executed design, gorgeous to behold, they have become almost like functional pieces of artwork. Others. Well they were just plain ugly. Below are listed a selection of what are the two extremes of beautiful and ugly vehicles.

Beautiful Machines

Supermarine Spitfire
Ford GT40
Ferrari 250 GTO
Ducati 916
Porsche 911
Honda NR750
Lamborghini Miura
1967 Ford Shelby GT500
Aston Martin DB9
1958 Chevrolet Corvette
Lamborghini Countach
Beechcraft Starship

Ugly Machines

1957 Aurora safety car
MTT Y2K Turbine Superbike
Mi-24 Hind Assault Helicopter
Plymouth Superbird
Pontiac Aztek
Sikorsky Skycrane
1981 Chevrolet Camaro
Honda Insight
"Super Guppy" airplane

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