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42 wheel BMW concept car

You might think this absurd creation is the work of some fanatically over zealous BMW fanboy. But actually it comes courtesy of BMW themselves! It's just a photoshop mock up, and is more of a marketing ploy than anything else, but were you really expecting them to make this thing? It's got 42 wheels and 19 engines for Christ's sake!

The project actually began as the dreams of a four year-old boy, Eli. He told his uncle exactly what sort of car he wanted, and then his obliging uncle took the project to the next level by contacting the automotive site Jalopnik. Jalopnik then put the word out, asking CAD jockeys and Photoshop aficionados with spare time on their hands to come up with something which fulfilled Eli's brief.

And what a brief it was. His dream car, the BMW 4219Eli, required:

- 42 wheels - all of them powered.
- 19 engines - oddly all of them from Porsche.
- Three different driver's seats with three different steering wheels.
- A trunk full of toys which also acts as a playroom.
- And it must be a BMW.

Amazingly BMW got wind of the little guy's ambitious plan and decided to take it on. Through the Tumblr site of BMW USA they posted an offical BMW proposal for the car. This was it.



42 wheel BMW concept car