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Axon Automotive Electric Car

Axon Automotive Electric Car

Make Axon Automotive
Model Car
Concept year 2009
Production year 2011
Power source electric

UK based car manufacturer Axon Automotive unveiled their plug-in hybrid electric car at the 2009 Milton Keynes Science Festival. The vehicle's hybrid drivetrain features a full electric mode for local travel, and a petrol or bioethanol fueled engine for long distance or motorway travel.

The two-seat Axon Automotive Car is built using lightweight materials like carbon fibre.
"By designing light cars and giving them good aerodynamics you can radically lower vehicle emissions," says Axon’s Managing Director, Dr Steve Cousins.

"As a plug-in hybrid we have no limitation on range but we can maximise the benefits of electrics day to day without the cost and weight of large batteries." He added. Overall the Axon Automotive car emits just 50g of CO2 per km - half the level needed for free annual road tax in the UK.

To further increase its environmental credentials the interior features fashion house designed seating made from recycled fabrics (jeans and recycled pinstriped suits) and door panels made from recycled carbon fibre.

Axon Automotive have so far failed to give the vehicle a name, instead they refer to the model as 'car', or 'Hatchback'. Now I'm no marketing guru but surely some kind of name wouldn't be a bad idea at some point!

Taking the ugly down a couple notches might also help.

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