Suzuki Nuda Concept Motorcycle

The forward-thinking Suzuki Nuda first seen at the 1986 Tokyo Motorshow, was a fully operational concept motorbike powered by a Suzuki GSX-R750 sports bike engine. With this motor the Nuda was theoretically capable of 175 mph. The power was transferred to both wheels via single sided swingarms housing shaft drives.

The front wheel of the Nuda did not use telescopic forks for suspension or turning, instead it featured a hub centre steering system as seen on the production Bimota Tesi 2D.

Suzuki Nuda 1987

The sleek bodywork of the Suzuki Nuda – which was its show-stopping party trick – was constructed from lightweight carbon fiber. Not unusual by today’s standards, but pretty revolutionary in the mid-80s for a motorcycle.

When the concept was displayed in Tokyo, Suzuki’s chief engineer at the time stated that the Nuda was; “one idea of the future motorcycle for Suzuki”. And although history has proved that it was one of the ideas which didn’t make the final cut, some of the technologies the bike showcased did make an appearance in later Suzuki machines, like computerized fuel injection and spark timing control.

Model Nuda
Concept year 1986
Production year -
Engine 750 cc


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