AQUA One Manned Submersible (Concept)

The AQUA is a one manned submersible concept created by Sungchul Yang and Woonghee Han as part of their bachelor’s degree at the University of Seoul in South Korea.

The AQUA concept was conceived as a vehicle for the future when there are real-estate developments under the sea. The AQUA is capable of travel both on and under the sea, and can safely and stylishly transport a single person to their underwater destination.

The interior of the AQUA features a sliding seat to accommodate pilots of different size and allow easier entry, and twin joysticks for simple control of the vehicle . The forward momentum is provided by a single main ducted propellor mounted at the rear. Pitch angle is controlled by two smaller ducts on either side. The yaw control is via a small rudder slung underneath the AQUA.

The AQUA’s pilot has an excellent field of vision thanks to an aircraft style canopy which slides forward to allow entry and exit of the sub. Mounted behind the occupant are the life support systems, buoyancy control ballast tank, batteries and motors.

While the AQUA is not intended for production, it is a refreshing concept which aims to predict the future of personal underwater travel. The concept was awarded silver at both IDEA 2008 (a U.S. based annual design competition) and Pinup Award 2008 in South Korea. The concept was also displayed at the Design Korea 2008 held in Guangzhou, China.

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