Airstream Series 2 International 684 Caravan

Airstream Series 2 International 684 trailer

If you’re in need of a caravan, and you’ve got plenty of spare cash sitting around, then an Airstream trailer is about your only option. Sure they’re about twice as expensive as their competitors, but they’re also twice as nice, and they’re about the only caravan in the world which can be described as ‘stylish’.

Airstream Europe have just unveiled the latest generation of their award winning flagship trailer, the International 684. The Series 2 International 684 is a twin-axle trailer which features a well equipped interior which is designed to look modern and trendy.

The Airstream Series 2 International 684 trailer uses the same chassis and body as its predecessor, the only noticeable exterior changes are new window positions and new wheels. On the inside however there’s quite a bit that’s new.

Anthony Slocock, Technical Director at AIRSTREAM & Company, said of the Series 2’s design: “We set ourselves the challenge of coming up with something better and fresher  than the Series 1 684 and it was no mean feat – this was a trailer which had won Best Caravan in the Caravan Club Caravan Design Awards for three years running. However, we were confident that we could beat the original on all levels and so resisted the temptation to do minor tweaks and instead started with a blank sheet of paper.”

In all it took around 8 months to sketch, computer model and then build a prototype of the Series 2 International 684 trailer.

Just inside the door  the first changes can be seen (if you know what the Series 1 looked like!) with 1.6 inch (40mm) thick worktops and flowing radius corners. Further inside, the clever redesign means owners get a 6 inch (15cm) wider shower, 4 inch (10cm) longer kitchen, 12 inch (30cm) longer seating and additional wardrobe space that provides five clothes shelves. In total, the new trailer boasts a total of 12 drawers – double the previous quantity.  There is also a new dedicated storage space for laptops and books, plus an innovative hidden can holder for extra drinks, awaiting their turn to cool in the fridge.

One of the major bonuses of the new layout is a true bedroom suite. Opening the bathroom door by 90 degrees creates a private bed/ bath/ dressing area, separate from the front of the trailer. The wardrobe and bathroom partitions have also been re-angled to greatly increase space and views.

Corian worktops are offered as standard in the bathroom and as an optional upgrade in the kitchen, where buyers can also opt for a clever rotating worktop extension and residential style undermounted Franke sink, with Corian drop in lid.

The Series 2 International 684 trailer comes six years after Airstream Europe – AIRSTREAM’s European manufacturing and distribution partner – started building the range for the continent.

“The initial European trailer fleet was developed in tandem with engineers in the USA, essentially to follow the design cues of the most successful decor developed to date in the USA but in a European compliant form,” added Mr Slocock. “But when Airstream Europe decided to look again at the International 684 back at the beginning of 2010, we sought permission to take all of the design work in house, to develop the new vehicles completely ourselves, giving us control on materials, specification, timing and so on.”

If you want one then you’ll have to hand over £52,000 (58,000EUR / $84,000 at today’s exchange rate).

Source: Airstream Europe



  1. Thats not a bad price at all, all things considered. Airstream is one of the best built caravans on earth, and this one has a nice style to it as well.

    I had to live in one for two and a half years after my house was flattened from a storm, and I don’t feel the least bit cramped. Everything is so conveniently placed. They really take the time to think these things out.

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