Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept

Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept

At the 2011 Buenos Aires International Motor Show in Argentina, Chevrolet unveiled a concept version of the next-generation Colorado pickup truck. The Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept is kitted out with all the gear and gadgets necessary for competition off-roading, or just going on a worldwide tour where the lack of roads won’t mean a premature end to the adventure.

The Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept was developed by designers and engineers from GM’s Design Center in South America. Before starting out on the project, the team researched just exactly what the vehicle would need in order to make it highly competitive off-road, and also make life a little bit easier for the driver and passenger.

The Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept is based on a double-cab version of the pickup. The engine they selected for the concept was a 2.8 litre turbodiesel. There aren’t any power output figures, but being a diesel there should be plenty of torque on offer. Naturally the Colorado Rally Concept gets 4-wheel drive.

In the rare event that the Colorado Rally Concept’s 18-inch BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires do get stuck, then there’s the choice of two winches (one front and rear) which can be used to haul the truck back onto terra firma.

The suspension system of the Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept is also of a high-spec. There’s uprated shock absorbers with 140mm (5.5 inches) of travel – although that can be raised by another 50mm (2 inches) when needed.

Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept

The exterior styling and equipment fitted to the Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept reflects the vehicle’s competition nature. The windows are acrylic, in order to better withstand the inevitable knocks and bashes they will have to endure. To make sure the occupants can get some fresh air, both rear windows have competition-style holes for circulation. In the bed is a sturdy looking roll bar and a spare wheel. Also in the bed is a set of tools designed specifically for use with the concept. The tailgate has two large holes in it to reduce drag.

All the external lighting on the concept use high-intensity LED technology. In addition to the standard headlights are two smaller driving lights located lower down on the bumper, and another pair of lights mounted just above the windscreen.

The interior of the Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept isn’t just all purposeful and race-like, its also well equipped and nicely styled. The top of the dashboard is covered in textured dark gray leather, a color which is carried on throughout the interior – except for the bright orange highlights. The center console has additional gauges for pressure and temperature, as well as controls that adjust the tire pressure, the hardness of the dampers, operate fire extinguishers and additional fuel pumps.

The sports steering wheel has a flattened bottom and a series of shift lights along the top edge. The steering wheel also houses four buttons. These are used to control the LCD screen in the dash, turn on the headlights, turn on a speed limiter for urban sections, and operate an air boost system which uses compressed air to quickly clean the air in the cabin – when it gets full of dust for example.

The sports seats and five-point harnesses are designed to keep the driver and passenger firmly in place even when bouncing over dunes and along rough tracks. An integrated roll cage within the cabin provides addition protection for the occupants in the event of a crash. To keep both occupants well hydrated throughout the race, the Colorado Rally Concept has a Hydration Pack, which uses insulated bottles and tubes to allow the driver and passenger to take a drink when they want without being distracted from what they’re doing.

Aside from being a fancy off-road concept. The Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept is designed to provide some insight as to what the next generation Colorado pickup will look like when it appears next year.

Lets just hope there’s a version of the new Colorado which uses just some of the features fitted to the Rally Concept. Or failing that, some of the components are available as aftermarket upgrades through GM’s official Performance Parts division.

Source: GM

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  1. While I like the new styling language, there’s something that just bothers me about a “off the shelf” Chevy truck ready for a rally race. It just feels like it diminished all the other custom built rally trucks.

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