EDWARD – Electric Diwheel

EDWARD diwheel prototype

Engineering students at the University of Adelaide on the southern coast of Australia have developed an electric powered diwheel called EDWARD. This is the first diwheel we’ve featured on diseno-art. We’ve seen a couple of monowheels in the past, namely the Wheelsurf and the insane McLean V8 monowheel. Diwheels like EDWARD have the obvious advantage of being far more stable, but as an added bonus they can turn 360 degrees on the spot, whereas a monowheel requires a large turning circle.

The EDWARD project was started in 2009 when the mechanical components and electric drive system were put together to create a fun but slightly uncontrollable single person vehicle. Then in 2010 EDWARD was upgraded with a computerised system which could not only keep the seat level at all times (a feature called slosh control), but also a clever system that meant the driver could go inverted while the machine automatically balanced itself and provided accurate guidance control at the same time.

With its all-electric drivetrain, and the new systems which help keep the vehicle under some degree of control, EDWARD is capable of reaching speeds of up to 25 mph (40km/h). The driver controls EDWARD through a joystick, while a touch screen panel on the right turns on and off the vehicles various stability systems.

One thing’s for sure. If someone could turn this into a readily available vehicle fit for road use, it would make the morning commute a whole load more fun.

The video below explains it best.

Source: Adelaide University via Translogic

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