Fiat 500 Marcia Corta by Camal

Fiat 500 Marcia Corta by Camal

The Fiat 500 Marcia Corta (Short Gear in Italian) is a highly modified Fiat 500 EsseEsse which was developed by Alessio Minchella and Alessandro Camorali. The pair met last year while working for Pininfarina. Alessandro founded Camal in 2008, and in 2010 Alessio joined him. The 500 Marcia Corta is the first vehicle to come from the fledgling outfit.

Between the two of them, they have worked on numerous projects, including the Ferrari 599XX, 599GTO, 458 Italia, Mclaren Competizione concept and the I.E.D. BeON concept. So they know what’s required to make a fantastic looking car.

The Marcia Corta is a specially designed kit developed by Camal which makes the Fiat 500 EsseEsse even more characterful and stylish. The inspiration for the car came from classic Abarth models and retro rally cars. The aggressive bodykit comprises of new front and rear bumpers, sideskirts, spoiler, and of course the competition-style quad spotlight pod.

Camal have left the Fiat 500 EsseEsse’s 160 horsepower, 1.4 litre turbocharged engine alone. The only performance upgrade is a new exhaust – although Camal doesn’t state whether it allows the engine to produce more power, or whether it’s just there to make a bit more noise.

Personally I think it would be nice – giving the fact they’ve done such a good job with the styling – if Camal invested some time in making sure the 500 Marcia Corta goes as good as it looks.

Camal is currently seeking partners to help with production and distribution of the 500 Marcia Corta.

Source: Camal via: Carscoop

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