Ford Cobra Snakehead concept

Ford Cobra Snakehead concept

The Ford Cobra Snakehead concept is a stunning proposal for an all-new lightweight sports car which could be developed through another Ford/Shelby collaboration. The concept was penned by Andrus Ciprian, a talented designer whose work we’ve featured several times in the past.

With Ford’s current strategy of possibly launching the next-generation Ford Mustang as  a worldwide model, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to take a few design pointers from the Cobra Snakehead concept. The concept cleverly uses Ford’s latest design language, in that the front end was heavily inspired by the latest Ford Fiesta and Focus models. From there though it gets even more sporty. The wheel arches are incredibly muscular – perhaps even a little too muscular at the front. But there’s no denying that overall this is a fantastic looking car.

Ford Cobra Snakehead

The rear of the Ford Cobra Snakehead concept features a kamm tail design which not only looks good. But it also recalls the classic lines of the original  GT40s.

The interior of the Ford Cobra Snakehead concept has seating for two, and is characterised by a long and high center console which is designed to give both the driver and passenger the feeling of being in their own separate cockpit.

For power, Ciprian reckons that a front mounted V8 would be a suitable choice for the car considering its aggressive and sporting appearance. Personally, I’m inclined to agree.

All the information and images for this article were provided to diseno-art by Andrus Ciprian.

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