Jakusa Bossco Concept

Jakusa Bossco

If you’re torn between the looks of the 5th Generation Chevrolet Camaro and the new Ford Mustang, then you might want to take a look at this. The Jakusa Bossco was developed by Tamas Jakus – the same designer who came up with the Triango Revelation supercar which is currently under construction in Hungary.

The Jakusa Bossco’s styling is unashamedly inspired by muscle cars like the Ford Mustang Boss 302. But rather than being overtly retro, the Bossco has a strong sense of futurism about it. You can almost imaging the Bossco concept sitting at the lights alongside one of the Land Rover City CABs from the film Judge Dredd.

The Jakusa Bossco concept’s size – similar to that of the Camaro – means it’s a fairly substantial vehicle, and it would require a fairly hefty engine in order to make sure its got the performance to match the looks. Of course with it being just a computer generated concept, numbers and specifications don’t really mean all that much. But Jakus has proposed that a 600 horsepower V6 would fit rather nicely up front, and send all its power to the 21-inch rear wheels.

Thanks to Tamas Jakus for providing the information and images.

Judge Dredd City CAB image:  Wikipedia user pschleut


  1. I love the looks of the car. He really has captured the essence of the 67 Bos 302, while capturing a future punk vibe. However, I hate the idea of this car being spoiled by a V6. VR6 sure, Boxer 6 no problem, but the V6 has too many mechanical issues to make it viable as a “muscle car” engine.

    I personally would like to see ford develop a new V10. A 72° 5.0L V10 (or possibly W10) in this would be cool.

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