Jeep Survivor concept

Jeep Survivor concept

The Jeep Survivor concept is a rugged off-road vehicle which is designed to fill the gap between the luxury SUV Jeeps which litter suburban streets, and the purely functional Jeeps the US military used to use. The concept was created by Max Ostap while he was studying at the Art Center College of Design in California.

Max came up with his idea for the Jeep Survivor concept after analyzing the current Jeep lineup. He thought there was space for a new model which would be more rugged and capable off-road than most of Jeep’s offerings – all but the Wrangler.

He surmised that modern Jeeps are still decent off road vehicles, but the gulf between the Jeep Wrangler – a direct descendant of the Bantam (the vehicle from which Jeep was eventually born), and comfort-oriented Jeeps, left a gap that could be filled by a vehicle with more advanced off-road features, but one which retains the comfort and urban features of consumer oriented Jeeps.

The resulting vehicle is the Jeep Survivor concept.

The Jeep Survivor has a two-person cabin and an unusual window layout. The side windows are split in two, with the forward section curving down low into the door. This would give the occupants an excellent view of the ground just to either side of the vehicle as they push through narrow tracks. On the roof is a spare wheel, a light bar and a roof rack for additional storage space. At the rear of the Jeep Survivor is a small bed for hauling around the kind of stuff any self-respecting survivalist needs. Quite what that is I don’t know. I’m not an overly-aggressive, paranoid, socially inept middle-aged man with cleanliness issues. Not yet anyway.

All in all though, the Jeep Survivor is an interesting concept which looks ready for almost anything.

Source: Carscoop