MSV Explorer semi-submersible

MSV Explorer

GRP Laminates, a company based in the Isle of Wight (a small island just off the southern coast of England), have just unveiled their latest product. The MSV Explorer is a semi-submersible vessel – just like the EGO semi-submersible we covered last week – but the MSV Explorer also comes with its own dedicated 42.6 foot (13 meter) catamaran, the SP02. The SP02 catamaran can transport the MSV Explorer quickly and safely to the area to be explored, and then lift it into and out of the water.

The MSV Explorer was designed by British inventor Chris Garner. He wanted to create an undersea vehicle which required no special training, no special equipment and which was inherently safe. The MSV Explorer can either be controlled by a joystick within the underwater cockpit, or via remote control from an operator on the catamaran.

The MSV Explorer has an operating time of around 7.5 hours from its battery pack. A choice of inboard or outboard and water jet propulsion packages is available to suit the buyer’s needs and requirements.

GRP Laminates is hoping that the MSV Explorer, along with the SP02, will appeal to luxury seaside hotels and resorts, as well as undersea surveying companies, marine researchers, and film and television producers.

Source: GRP Laminates

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