Sentori OPEN WATER 60 M Explorer Yacht

Sentori Open Water 60 M Explorer Yacht by motion code: blue

If you’re a billionaire oceanographer in the market for a new yacht to explore the world’s oceans, from remote Pacific archipelagos to the deep waters of the Marianas trench, then the naval designers at motion code: blue would like to sit down for a chat. Their latest creation is a  60 meter (197 foot) explorer yacht which will be built by the Sentori Yacht Group.

The Sentori OPEN WATER 60 M is designed to offer all the amenities of a luxury yacht, combined with the ability to be self-sufficient during epic ocean-crossing journeys. The high bow is a distinctive sign of an explorer yacht, as it helps protect against the high waves of rough seas. As a bonus it gives the vessel an impressive appearance, especially useful when pulling into places like Monaco where hundreds of luxury yachts constantly vie for attention.

Sentori Open Water 60 M Explorer Yacht by motion code: blue

The styling of the OPEN WATER 60 M is characterised by simple and clean lines. The functional and open layout of the decks means there is plenty of space for helicopters, tenders, sailing dingys and jetskis. If needed, provisions can be made for launching and recovering a small submarine. There is also a designated parking space for a car or SUV to make sure you’ve got instant mobility once you reach the shore.

The rear deck of the OPEN WATER 60 M has plenty of space for a Jacuzzi, and when the vessel is anchored up and the seas are calm, the rear door can be opened up to create a swimming and sunbathing platform just inches from the water’s surface.

The interior styling mirrors the exterior, in that it too is modern and uncluttered. The open living areas and panoramic views from the 270 degree windows mean both guests and host can take full advantage of their luxuriously remote surroundings. A fireplace is set in front of a c-shaped sofa to add a touch of warmth and comfort to the main lounge area.

The owner’s suite on the top deck has a similar open plan layout to the main entertaining area below. An office space can be separated from the bedroom and private lounge by a glass wall. The owner’s suite also has, perhaps a little oddly, two baths which sit open to the rest of the room.

On the main deck are six VIP cabins capable of holding up to twelve guests in total. At the foredeck are six generous-sized crew cabins. On the lower deck, aside from the engine room, is a spa area with Jacuzzi, pool, sauna and steam room.

Using a super yacht to carry a handful of travellers to the distant corners of the earth is never going to be the most economical way to travel. In fact it’s probably one of the most expensive and harmful to the environment modes of transport there is. However the Sentori OPEN WATER 60 M has a few features designed to reduce its carbon footprint – although the changes probably amount to removing half a little toe from that foot. The OPEN WATER 60 M’s environmental protection features include:

– Bilge water separator
– Rubbish separator, compactor and grinder
– Rainwater collection system
– Environmentally friendly anti-fouling coatings
– Thermo-lacquer to reduce need for air conditioning
– Optional solar panels and wind powered generator

Powering the Sentori OPEN WATER 60 M by motion code: blue are a pair of 2,000 horsepower diesel electric engines which gives the vessel a 14 knot top speed and a range of 8,000 nautical miles (9,206 miles).

Source: motion code: blue

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