Ford Focus Coupe Concept

Ford Focus Coupe Concept

With the third-generation Ford Focus now being offered in a variety of body styles, including a five-door hatch, a four-door sedan and an estate, designer David Cardoso thought it was about time Ford developed a coupe version of the latest Focus.

The Ford Focus Coupe Concept is designed to be built around the third-generation Focus’ platform. Inside is a 2+2 seating layout, and the car is aimed at buyers who would otherwise be considering cars like the Honda CR-Z or the Peugeot RCZ.

Despite the fact the Ford Focus Coupe Concept was designed to join the third-generation Focus family (in a hypothetical world), the headlights and grille assembly fit better with the 2nd-generation car. Although from the rear, the more curvaceous lines do fit reasonably well with the new Focus – despite the fact they’re slightly convoluted and unnecessarily complicated.

The Ford Focus Coupe Concept isn’t a bad design though. In fact overall it’s a well thought out concept, and one which probably isn’t too far removed from reality – once Ford does actually get around to making a 3rd-generation Focus Coupe.

Source: Carscoop

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  1. I can’t say that I like it as is, but its very likely that some of the hatch detailing that I don’t like will not make it to the production vehicle (provided it goes into production).

    I’m betting that this car will be come one of the top tuners if it does make production.

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