Lamborghini LMP-F Concept

Lamborghini LMP-F concept

The Lamborghini LMP-F is a jaw-dropping race car concept which answers the specific question; “what would a Lamborghini race car look like if it was entered in a combined F1/Le Mans race series?”

The Lamborghini LMP-F concept was developed by the Dutch designer Sabino Leerentveld. He created the concept after musing over the idea of combining design elements from both top-class race series. The fictional race series would have no boundaries or limits on the engineering or technology.

The Lamborghini LMP-F concept’s dual personality can be seen in the way the front end and lateral air intakes are clearly F1-inspired, and the way the rear of the car, with its covered wheels, is similar to Le Mans race cars.

Leerentveld is openly honest about his creation, and clearly states that the specifications are pulled out of the air. So don’t get too hyped up about the numbers! The target specifications and performance figures for the  Lamborghini LMP-F are; 700 kg (1,543 lbs) weight, 1,200 horsepower @ 22,000 rpm, 0-60 mph in 1.8 seconds, and a top speed of  263 mph (424 km/h) with a low downforce aerodynamic setup.

Gentlemen, start your imaginations.

Source: Sabino Design


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