Photo Gallery: Cuba’s Yank Tanks

Cuban Chevrolet Yank Tank

In this exclusive photo gallery featured on, we explore some of the vehicles from that most famous of Caribbean islands, Cuba.

As everyone knows, Cuba is a curious country seemingly trapped in a 1960s time warp. In 1962, when America put the island under a strict embargo following the Cuban revolution, the population were prevented from buying any new cars, or parts, from their closest automobile-producing neighbor.

This has resulted in the island becoming home to the most eclectic assortment of vehicles on the planet. It is a world where all-American 1950s Chevrolets are powered by Russian-made diesel engines, and where nearly-new Peugeot 206s sit side-by-side with tired looking Desotos.

Cuba Yank Tank

In a country which to this day doesn’t have a single authorised car dealer, and where it is forbidden to sell a private car registered after the Cuban Revolution, the only way the yank tanks, or máquinas as they are know in Cuba, can stay on the road is due to the ingenuity and perseverance of their owners.

Often times the country’s versatile mechanics have to use general household items to effect a repair, and the cars regularly feature unusual combinations of parts. See if you can spot the Ford Fairlane with upside-down BMW M3-style mirrors, or the Chevy Belair with New York Yankees license plate holder.

Images taken exclusivley for by: Jose Adria Lloret and Raul Cabanes Descals, thanks to Jose Emillio Pastor Pastor.

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