Tropical Island Paradise by Yacht Island Designs

Yacht Island Designs, a UK company who specialise in designing outrageous and extremely opulent super yachts, have just put the finishing digital brush strokes to their latest design. The yacht’s name ‘Tropical Island Paradise’ is a fairly obvious clue as to this vessel’s theme – if the cabana beach huts, faux-volcano and palm trees weren’t enough.

The Tropical Island Paradise yacht has room for four VIP guest suites and a luxurious owner’s suite situated across two decks and built into the the volcano. Indoor entertainment is catered for by way of a cinema, library, games room and gym, with relaxation options in the form of a multitude of lounges each offering their own unique ambiance, and a fully equipped spa.

Each of the four guest suites has direct access up into one of the beach cabanas, and each guest suite also comes with its own private balcony on the exterior of the vessel. The main deck is effectively split into two sides by a ‘river’ which flows from the top of the volcano down into the pool which is located at the very front of the yacht.

One of the more impressive features of  the Tropical Island Paradise yacht, and there are many, is the retractable beach deck which allows access to the sea for various water sports and sea level relaxation. Also located at the rear of the yacht, just behind and below the volcano is an open deck which also doubles as a helicopter landing pad.

No word on price. But expect lots and lots of zeros at the end.

Source: Yacht Island Design


  1. Why waste so much money on such monstrous creation meanwhile people around the world need a great number of jobs in Africa,Asia and South America? It’d be better to invest that fortune to the buildings of roads and creating manufactures in the under-developed countries.

    • I’d like to see you say the same thing after you’ve earned that kind of money. Infusing cash into any country or to a private individual who hasn’t worked for it themselves is always a terrible idea. They will inevitably mismanage it. This yacht is a thing of beauty, a piece of art.

    • Well, that’s just fine if that’s what you want to do with your monies but i tell you what…
      If i had more than enough to donate to those things around the world and have this as well, i would get it myself and invite even the poor people to have a day on it so there! ;)

  2. dont hate, its their money ,they can do the heck they want to do with their money,they worked hard for it.hell if i was rich i would buy the whole country and 10000000000000000000000000 cars

  3. To all the haters:
    Okay, so I understand the waste of money when t could have been spent on other things. But the yacht’s already built now, so what do you suggest? Chop the yacht up and make it into houses for the poor? If there were no rich people, then the would be no one to employ the poor.
    I find it hard to believe that if you were that rich, you would send all your money to charity. I would definitely try and send some means to charities, but I know that if I had that much money that yacht would be tempting… People are entitled to a little enjoyment and luxury sometimes…

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