Wally//One Powerboat

Wally//One powerboat

The Wally//One is a new powerboat from the Monaco-based yacht manufacturers Wally. The Wally//One is the replacement vessel for the company’s successful Wally//Tender model. It features better performance, more gadgets, superior comfort and extra space over its predecessor – which has been in production for a decade.

Anytime the words ‘boat’ and ‘Monaco’ are used in the same breath, you can be sure there is an unreasonably large price tag lurking somewhere nearby. The Wally//One is no exception, and prices start at whopping €580,000 EUR ($834,000 / £510,000). That’s an awful lot of cash for a something that is described as a ‘day boat’.

For your money you do get a boat that is incredibly well put together (using lots of carbon fiber), and thanks to the dual Yanmar engines providing a total of 630 horsepower, the Wally//One is a fairly rapid boat with a top speed of 50 knots.

The Wally//One measures 42 feet (13 meters) from bow to stern, and the beam at its widest point is 11.5 feet (3.5 meters). The vessel has accommodation for 2 guests, but has primarily been designed as a powerboat for relaxing, diving, watersports, and as a large yacht tender for carrying people and supplies to and from shore.

Speaking in Monaco, Wally’s founder and President, Luca Bassani Antivari said, “Wally//One is an exercise in giving our customers more for less – more performance, technology and comfort with less overall length, consumption and cost. Like everything that we do at Wally, this is about smart evolution. Wally//One has a greater emphasis on fun. It has been designed as more of a day boat than its predecessor with flexible seating, increased sunbed space and a host of modern conveniences.”

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