Audi Urban Concept

The Audi Urban Concept is an ultra-light, two-seat, electric-powered car which is designed to offer both economical commuting for congested cities, and also enjoyable motoring and an involving driving experience.

The adventurous styling of the Audi Urban Concept is more like the sort of thing you might expect from a student designer, who doesn’t have to worry too much about overall feasibility. Not a company like Audi who generally like to play it safe. The more intricate design details which feature on the Urban Concept are intended to provide a completely new impetus to the Audi design language.

Inside, the Audi Urban Concept has room for two. The occupants are seated in a slightly staggered layout, with the passenger sitting just behind and to the right of the driver. Access to the interior is gained by sliding back the roof, side windows and part of the upper section of the side panels. The driver can adjust the steering wheel and pedals to provide a custom fit. In order to heighten the fun factor, the seating position is very low to provide a go-kart like experience. To keep the Audi Urban Concept’s weight to a minimum, the cockpit section is formed from carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP).

The exposed 21-inch wheels are one of the defining characteristics of the Audi Urban Concept. The wheels themselves are surrounded by protective plates which feature blinking LED strips to improve visibility.

Powering the Audi Urban Concept are two of the company’s e-tron electric motors which are supplied by lithium-ion batteries.

Source: Audi

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