BMW i1 Concept

BMW i1 concept car

With BMW’s recent launch of their new ‘i’ division, accompanied by the all-new  i3 and i8 concept cars, i is very much the buzz-word at BMW at the moment. But for Canadian designer Amadou Ndiaye it wasn’t enough. He thought BMW should have another model in the ‘i’ range, so he came up with the entry-level BMW i1.

The BMW i1 is a three-wheeler which is designed to offer the fun and exhilaration of a motorcycle, but with the safety and added practicality of a small car. The front wheels are mounted on a hydraulic mechanism which allows them to lean into corners for added grip, an onboard computer adjusts the tilt of the wheels depending on the vehicle’s cornering speed.

Like all BMW i vehicles the i1 is electric powered. More specifically the i1’s power comes from three electric motors – one for each wheel.

To keep weight to a minimum the i1 would rely heavily on carbon fiber for its construction.

Ndiaye’s idea for the BMW i1 was to try and incorporate BMW expertise in both cars and bikes into one vehicle, and then equip it with the company’s latest drivetrain technology. And while creating an environmentally friendly vehicle, he also wanted to create something which would retain BMW’s world famous handling characteristics and fun factor.

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Source: Coroflot/Ndiaye All information supplied by Amadou Ndiaye.


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