New Jensen Interceptor due by 2014

new Jensen Interceptor

The original Jensen Interceptor was a uniquely styled four-seat grand tourer which was built between 1966 and 1976. The Interceptor was Jensen’s most successful model, and a total of 6,408 were produced. Today Interceptor’s are a rare sight – well they always were – but their cult status has only improved with age. Now CPP, a British specialist automotive group, has been appointed to resurrect the Interceptor by Jensen’s current owners, Healey Sports Cars Switzerland Ltd (HSCS).

CPP acquired the highly respected 4×4 marque Bowler earlier this year, and in the near future they’ll take control of the Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker. So they’ve got plenty of well-seasoned automotive engineers to call on for help in bringing back a legend.

Thankfully, the new Jensen Interceptor is going to be an all new car from the ground up. It’s not going to be composed of some kit-car like steel chassis covered with wavy fiberglass panels, nor will it be based on it’s predecessors aged platform. It will be based on an all-new aluminium chassis, and the bodywork will be made of the same stuff.

CPP are tentatively scheduling in a public unveiling of the new Interceptor for late 2012, with deliveries to customers beginning in 2014.  Annual production numbers and pricing are yet to be confirmed, but will be fixed to ensure ultra-exclusivity.

Brendan O’Toole, founder and co-owner of CPP, said of the car’s return: “I started my career by restoring bodies and components for classic British sports cars, so for CPP to take the lead role in reviving this iconic brand is very exciting for the business, and for me personally.  The Jensen design team has respected and honoured the great heritage and attributes of the original Interceptor, while injecting a contemporary edge and advanced technologies that will ensure it appeals to the passionate, discerning motoring enthusiast of today. This work is at an advanced stage, and married to CPP’s expert coachbuilding, craftsmanship and engineering skills, the new Interceptor will be an exceptional example of British automotive excellence.”

Liam Cardiff, director of Healey Sports Cars Switzerland, added: “CPP is the perfect partner to revive the iconic Jensen Interceptor.  With the Jensen design team integrated into an organisation with much greater resources and broader expertise, our dream of seeing the Jensen and Interceptor badges once again adorning the bonnets of beautiful, modern, British-built GT cars has come closer to reality.”

At the moment there aren’t any details on the car’s drivetrain, equipment or engineering. The only clues as to the new Interceptor’s styling come in the form of these two sketches, but seeing as the two images are of two slightly different cars, it’s anyone’s guess at the moment what the final car will look like.

Source: CPP

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