Ford GT-V Concept

Ford GT-V Concept

Designer Andrus Ciprian has been busily preparing his latest digital creation for the rest of the world to see and judge. Like his previous design, the Ford Cobra Snakehead concept, Ciprian has tried to envisage an all-new coupe for the blue oval brand. In fact there’s an awful lot that the two cars share in terms of design. Except whereas the Cobra Snakehead is an undeniably beautiful design, the Ford GT-V is a bit more awkward.

In profile and from the rear the GT-V concept is a handsome looking car. But there’s a bit too much going on at the front – which makes the headlights seem totally lost in a sea of grilles and air intakes. In addition the windscreen looks to be near-vertical – which would have dire consequences for the car’s aerodynamics. So in terms of looks the Ford GT-V concept is a mix of win and fail.

As it’s an independently-designed concept which isn’t destined for production, the engineering and drivetrain underpinning the car is merely a series of words and numbers plucked from the air – but they help to get a feel for the car’s purpose. For the GT-V concept Ciprian has chosen a clever hybrid drivetrain which would offer a three-fold benefit. By combining a supercharged V8 with a 162 horsepower electric motor, the GT-V concept would offer exceptional performance¬† – while also reducing fuel consumption. When required the electric motor could provide an extra boost of power thanks to a ‘push-to-pass’ button. At lower speeds or for shorter journeys, the electric motor could be used on its own for zero-emission motoring.

To further reduce fuel usage, the Ford GT-V concept would be fitted with an advanced stop-start system which would cut the engine when the vehicle is stationary.

Lightweight composite materials would be used throughout the car to keep weight to a minimum.

In all it’s not a bad effort. But the Cobra Snakehead wins hands down!

Source: Andrus Ciprian


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