Mazda Takeri Concept

Mazda Takeri

The 2011 Takeri concept was essentially a fairly standard four-door family sedan, but one which looked incredibly good. Mazda’s designers came up with something that looks sleek, stylish and also practical for the real world.

Underneath the Mazda Takeri’s taught bodywork is a economical SKYACTIV drivetrain, and also Mazda’s first regenerative braking system. This technology converts kinetic energy to electricity during deceleration, stores it in capacitors and then uses it to power the car’s electrical equipment – reducing load on the engine and in-turn saving fuel.

The Mazda Takeri is powered by the company’s latest SKYACTIV-D diesel engine which includes start-stop technology. There’s no word yet on power output or performance figures, but Mazda’s engineers were tasked with keeping the Takeri’s weight to a minimum in order to improve the car’s dynamics and keep fuel consumption to a minimum.

Source: Mazda


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