NEDSHIP 650 Quadro Luxury Yacht

Nedship 650 Quad

If luxury yachts are your thing then this should get your mouth watering. The NEDSHIP 650 Quadro is a 128 foot (39 metre) long vessel with a aqua-dynamic hull designed to offer both speed and stability. The yacht was created by the naval designers at NED SHIP Group in Turkey. The company have been building custom-designed luxury yachts since 1985 and have over 350 projects to their name.

Aside from offering the very best in performance and luxury, the NEDSHIP 650 Quadro was also designed to be more economical on fuel than a comparably sized yacht. To achieve this the engineers have used a lightweight carbon-composite hull instead of a conventional steel hull.

The propulsion units available include a base model with 2 x 1920 horsepower MTU engines – which allows for speeds of up to 21 knots. Or up to 3 x 2600 horsepower MTU engines with KaMeWa Jet drive, giving a top speed of over 38 knots. A range extender engine package allows for up to 3,000 nautical miles of cruising at a speed of 11 knots.

For the guests the main deck offers full-width living space and less noise than on the lower deck. Here different variations can be ordered depending on the buyers needs; 3, 4 or 5 cabins or the possibility of a master suite on the upper deck are available, including a private sun deck for the owner and a Gym / Cinema on the main deck.

The lower deck features a full width garage with side openings. Long tenders and an array of toys can be stored within meaning the decks remain clean and uncluttered. In addition one or two balconies can be extended off the main deck salon to increase space and create a create an airy feeling.

The crew compartments and service areas are located on the lower deck. That gives the crew more living space and also direct access to the technical areas like the garage, engine room, laundry and galley. The captain himself will be located near the pilot house. Previously this layout was normally reserved for much larger yachts.

The build time for a NEDSHIP 650 Quadro is between 18-24 months depending on specification. The starting price is an eye-watering 9.8M Euros ($13.4M).


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