Suzuki Regina Concept

Suzuki Regina

The Suzuki Regina concept is a design proposal for a small city car which would, if built, slot in under the Suzuki Swift in the company’s lineup. Suzuki say the Regina concept is what they think a “next-generation global compact car with excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions thanks to lightness and superior dynamics” should be.

Weighing in at just 730 kgs (1,600 lbs) the Regina certainly fits the bill in terms of lightness, and the drag coefficient is 10 percent less than comparable vehicles in its category. This is in part due to the small front grille, partially covered rear wheels, and clean profile.

The Suzuki Regina’s styling is a slightly peculiar blend of soft curves, sharp style lines and classically inspired features – for example the taillights. It’s not the best looking car by any means, but it does get points for originality.

On the inside there is the same level of quirkiness. The carpets and seats are upholstered in a camouflage-esqe green matrix pattern which bizarrely gives the interior a rather outdoorsy feel. The partially see-through center console is particularly slick, and helps to let light all the way down into the foot wells.

As the Suzuki Regina concept is just a styling exercise, it isn’t fitted with any drivetrain or mechanical elements. However Suzuki state that if it were to be fitted with a currently available fuel-efficient gasoline engine it could return a fuel economy figure in the region of of 72.3 MPG (3.1 L/100km), and CO2 emissions level of 70g/km.

Source: Suzuki

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