Emax Super Marine 45 Superyacht Tender

Emax Super Marine 45

SCOD (Sauter Carbon Offset Design) have just unveiled plans for their latest vessel. It’s a 45 foot (13.7 metre) superyacht tender powered by a choice of two different setups. One uses powerful, but fairly ordinary, twin V6 configuration. While the other employs a more unusual, and also more powerful, hybrid system. According to SCOD, each 450hp Diesel Electric Power Plant weighs no more than its gasoline equivalents while consuming 40% less fuel. When running in pure-electric mode, the Emax Super Marine 45 relies on a 32KWh Lithium-ion battery which powers an electric motor housed within the the transmissions. The Allison Hybrid Transmission is used in thousands of hybrid buses around the world, as well as GMs hybrid pickup trucks, the hybrid Cadillac Escalade, and also the Hybrid Bluetec Mercedes-Benz S Class.

The Emax Super Marine 45 can seat up to 10 people, plus 4 sunbathers on the sun bed. Inside the cabin beneath the Solar Center Cockpit the vessel provides a shower room with stand up head and a double bed. For longer trips there’s a kitchenette with fridge/freezer, stove, microwave and a foredeck table for setting out food for up to six sit-down guests.

Richard Sauter Head of Design for SCOD commented: “With a top speed of 80 knots, no other Superyacht tender compares to this upper echelon of performance combined with luxury, style and versatility.”

Available from Ned Ship Group, the carbon fibre epoxy-constructed Super Marine 45 is offered in both 700 horsepower and 900 horsepower versions, priced at €605,000 ($790,000) and €645,000 ($842,000) respectively.

Emax Super Marine 45 Specifications:

Length: 45 feet (13.7 metres)

Beam: 10.5 feet (3.2 metres)

Draft: 2 feet (0.6 metres)

Standard Power: 2x Cummins MerCruiser Diesel (CMD) TDI 4.2 V8 – 700 hp

Optional Power: 2x CMD 3 liter TDI V6/GM Allison Hybrid – 900hp

Drive: 2x Rolls Royce FF Series WaterJets

Electric Cruise Speed: 25 knots

Standard Cruise Speed: 55 knots

Max Speed: 80 knots

Source: Sauter Carbon Offset Design

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