BMW 8 Series Concept

BMW 8 Series Concept

The original BMW 8 Series was, and still is, one of the most imposing luxury coupes ever sold. It was large, stylish, and packed full of the latest gadgets and automotive technology. In my humble opinion, its return to BMW’s lineup is long overdue, and it looks like I’m not the only one who wants to see a new generation of 8 Series hit the streets.  Turkish designer İsmet Çevik has created a high-quality digital model of an all-new BMW 850CSi.

The BMW 8 Series Concept takes its main inspiration from the BMW Concept CS. But according to Çevik it also takes some styling cues from the Bentley Brooklands. The car is designed to be a direct competitor to the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class.

There isn’t much more information on the BMW 8 Series Concept, except for Çevik’s own explanation: “It is definitely a 90’s legend 8-Series. High class, business, luxury and supersport. Created to be new legend for BMW.”

The pictures below can do the rest of the talking.

Source: Facebook/CVKDesign via CarBodyDesign


  1. wooooooooow !! it’s verryyy beautiful ..amazing .I love BMW so much!!
    I’m from Algeria and “I wish to work in BMW” (motor engineer)this is my dream
    yes,,,,,, BMW___________________at the end..

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