Mithos Electromagnetic Concept Vehicle

MITHOS electromagnetic concept supercar

The Mithos Electromagnetic Vehicle (EV) is the creation of Portuguese designer Tiago Miguel Inácio. The project was actually started way back in 2006, but in 2011 Inacio revisited the design and created a beautifully edited short video showcasing the concept.

The Mithos Electromagnetic Vehicle is a far away glimpse at what sports cars might be like in the distant future. For the styling Inacio was inspired by Tim Burton’s Batmobile, as well as a variety of unspecified contemporary prototype supercars.

While the Mithos concept is not intended to be taken seriously as a possible production vehicle, and you’ll see why in a minute. Inacio has provided a few details of the sort of engineering and technology he’d like to see in supercars of the future. Firstly, it’s powered by a 1.5 megawatt electric motor – or if you like to speak in horsepower that’s 2,011hp. Secondly, the body is created from an as yet undiscovered composite called H-Fiber which is crash resistant, and also has shape memory – making trips to the body shop a thing of the past. Thirdly, the Mithos features a Terrain Scanning System (TSS) which adapts the car’s suspension and traction settings depending on the road ahead. But the most unusual feature of the Mithos is the fact it has been designed to be, wait for it. Teleportation ready! Yes the whole car has been engineered so it can be delivered to customers via a molecular teleporter. Brilliant.

The professional quality HD video took approximately three months to edit. The high level of detail and realism was possible due to the fact Inacio is a partner at the 3D animation studio Endpoint. A company which specialises in CGI for advertising, television and video presentations.

Source: Tiago Miguel Inácio


  1. It’s “interesting” to say the least. I like the whole concept of the engine, and teleportation as unrealistic as it may be. However, the profile of the car does not look like a supercar to me. It looks more like a city car or, dare I say, a VW beetle (just a little). Cool video though, and cool song in it.

    P.S. Was it going 88mph when it hit the transporter?

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