UP Design Vittoria Prototype

UP Design Vittoria

The Italian design studio UP Design unveiled their Vittoria concept supercar at the 2012 Qatar Motor Show. The car, styled by UP Design’s founder Umberto Palermo, is an intriguing mix of elegant flowing curves, and distinctive rectangular shapes at both the front and rear. Because of the two-tone color scheme, the front arches, doors and roof look as if they’re all part of the same panel, while the unusual shape of the domed windscreen and side windows are also completely unique to the car. Add to that some sleek and highly defined LED lighting, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a good looking car.

The UP Design Vittoria was developed in partnership with another company ,Vehicle Engineering & Design, who helped turn Palermo’s digital ideas into a functioning prototype.

The UP Design Vittoria is powered by a hybrid drivetrain which can be operated in three different modes: 100 percent electric – using the rear mounted electric motor to power the rear wheels. 100 percent internal combustion engine powered – where the supercharged V8 engine powers the rear wheels. Or a hybrid configuration where a combination of both provide the maximum power output. A regenerative braking system helps top up the batteries during deceleration.

Despite its highly conceptual appearance, the UP Design Vittoria was engineered with the possibility of a small production run.

Source: UP Design via Autoblog.it

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