AQUAMAR Aqua6 MORPH by Keyframestudio


Keyframestudio (KFS) are a Florence-based yacht design company who have featured a number of times on in the past. Usually their work revolves around designing large luxury yachts, but some of their most recent work is on a slightly smaller scale. AQUAMAR, a Sicily-based shipbuilder, hired the KFS team of designers to restyle three of their models, the Aqua5, Aqua6 and Aqua7.

The Aqua6, a six metre long vessel, is too small to allow a great deal of creativity, especially as the hull shape was to remain the same as the previous generation. So KFS were forced to concentrate on giving the top of the vessel a complete makeover, one which would give it a more unified and streamlined appearance. The layout of the Aqua6 MORPH is completely unique to the vessel. The driving console is obviously located in a central position, but the hardware that is usually placed underneath it is instead placed on the flanks, inside the side walls. Thanks to this solution the console opens to reveal a huge storage compartment, while the fridge and the kitchenette are placed in the side volumes. Further towards the bow is a separate, more private dinette.

KFS have tried to divide the Aqua6 MORPH’s design into two separate pieces. There is a the tough outer fiberglass hull, which wraps up and over the softer more comfortable interior. The contrast in colors is designed to highlight the divide between the two.

The AQUAMAR Aqua6 MORPH can accept a range of outboard engines from 75 to 150 horsepower.

Source: KFS

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