Chrysler Review GT Concept

Chrysler Review Concept

Did you like the Lincoln Continental 2025 concept which was displayed at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show? If your answer is yes, then you’ll probably be fairly enamoured with the Chrysler Review GT concept. The exterior design of both cars were penned by Colin Bonathan, and both cars are luxury GTs.

The proportions and stance of the Chrysler Review GT is just as imposing and intimidating as the Lincoln concept, and both cars are characterised by an expansive glass roof and sculpted wheel arches filled with enormous rims.

Up front, the Chrysler Review concept is dominated by Audi-like headlights, and a winged grille which – while a homage to the Chrysler badge – is more akin to that of recent Citroen concepts. From the rear, the concept has a Bentley-like vibe, but at the same time it also has plenty of its own character.

Aside from the pretty computer renderings, there isn’t any other information on the concept. And no, it won’t be going into production.

Source: Carscoop via bonathandesign.blogspot

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