Ferrari Aliante Concept

Ferrari Aliante

It’s not often you see a student-designed concept supercar which you’d like to see put into production as is, with no changes whatsoever. But somehow a trio of IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) students, Arun Kumar, Daniel Soriano and Magnus Grettve have managed to do just that. The stunning Ferrari Aliante concept was developed for the 2011 Ferrari World Design Contest. It didn’t win. But it did make it into the final seven. Not bad considering students from 50 of the world’s best automotive design schools submitted their concepts to the judges.

Everything about the Ferrari Aliante concept screams speed. From the extravagantly long, low snout and seamless contoured glass engine cover, to the open cockpit and large lateral air intakes. The styling was inspired by a range of past and current Ferraris, including the mighty F40, the 458 Italia, and contemporary F1 cars.

The Ferrari Aliante concept has clearly been designed for drivers who like to drive, not pose. Although it would probably do both to an equally stratospheric level! To make the driving experience even more intense, the exposed interior of the Aliante is upholstered in a durable fabric which is dust and water proof – meaning the car can be driven in all but the most extreme weather conditions.

Powering the Ferrari Aliante concept is an unspecified hybrid drivetrain.

Source: CarBodyDesign

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  1. There is mixture off sounds and design cars should be like girl, the design without cabin is not so modern, car like this wer fashionable in 60, the back tail shoul have obligatory atleast two light if not ofur in saem line, and front plastic fieberglas should shorte to see bottom mechanism front.

    A kind off car that you need your helmut to drive not exasctly fashionable and trend, but it has a tendency to slip from the corner, but it has a tendency to very apreciated from collectors side as private collection piece wih two lights on back. Not exsactyl vw golg with shooting flames.

    A presentation sport theme for collectors eye. Not everygirl is fited or equiped with helmut and race gear as idea to amrketing and collectro to wanted. Is basicly what catches a eye off collector along side girl and all taht together what people like in car and woman. A red hair blondy that shoots flaimes is Venera and thinsk about Saturn!

    Is not Hera..

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