Pininfarina Cambiano Concept

Pininfarina Cambiano

The Pininfarina Cambiano concept is a sleek looking futuristic concept with a split personality. From one side it’s a sedan, from the other it’s a coupe – but both sides are equally stylish. Logically it’s the driver’s side which gets the single coupe-like door, while the passenger side is fitted with two doors. The rear passenger-side door is hinged at the back, and due to the lack of a b-pillar, when both doors are opened, entry and exit is almost completely unobstructed.

Powering the Pininfarina Cambiano Concept are four 80 horsepower electric motors – one for each wheel. The combined output of 320 horsepower allows the concept to reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 4.2 seconds, and continue on to a 186 mph (275 km/h) top speed. A range-extending diesel turbine engine located up front helps recharges the batteries when needed. But with an all-electric range of 120 miles, it should be able to accomplish most journeys without requiring the generator to kick in.

Helping to keep the Cambiano’s fuel consumption down is the relatively low weight of 1,700 kgs (3,748 lbs). That might not be much to shout about for a normal gasoline powered car, but for an electric powered luxury sports car with a large battery pack and generator engine, that’s quite impressive.

The interior of the Pininfarina Cambiano concept looks more like a luxury Swedish hotel reception room than the interior of a sports sedan. The sofa-like white leather seats are complimented by laminated wood flooring, a floating center console, and a brown leather wrapped dashboard and steering wheel. The glass roof, with its unusual inter-crossing structural reinforcements helps fill the cabin with plenty of natural light.




  1. I like it, clean, elegant, nice to look at. But, and I know this is probably not something anyone else sees, but at a certain angle, the front looks like a cleaned up (for the better) Camaro.

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