Swedish Man Survives Two Months Trapped in Car Under Snow

car covered in snow in sweden. a man was inside for  two months

Amazingly a Swedish man has survived being trapped in his car for two months. The 45-year-old was found on Friday at the end of a forest track, more than 0.6 miles (1km) from the nearest main road. He had been stuck in the car since 19th December. He was discovered by snowmobilers who initially thought they had come across a crashed and deserted car. After wiping snow off the windows they saw movement inside, and noticed a man curled up in a sleeping bag on the backseat.

Local police said temperatures in the area had recently dropped to -30C (-22F). As well as surviving the intense cold, the man had also gone nearly two months without food. His only intake during the entire ordeal was melted snow.

Ebbe Nyberg, one of the Policemen called to assist in the rescue, stated that the unnamed man was in a very poor condition, and he was only able to utter a few words.

Currently the man is recovering from his extended winter holiday at the Umea University Hospital. Happily doctors say the man is recovering well considering his lengthy ordeal.

One doctor said that the man may have survived because his body went into a kind of hibernation. This would have slowed his metabolism, allowing him to last for so long without food.

Source: BBC

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