BMW i-FD Concept


BMW’s recently launched “BMW i” range of electric vehicles, which currently includes the i3 and the i8 concepts, is only set to get larger over the coming years. But without waiting to see what the company has in store, independent designers are already coming up with what they see as contenders for the BMW i division. Back in August a Canadian came up with the BMW i1 concept, and now a Spaniard has designed a larger concept called the BMW i-FD.

Feliciano Ruy-Diaz designed the BMW i-FD concept as a sort of 5 Series-sized sports sedan. The inspiration for the styling came from a number of sources, including Great White sharks, ancient Greek armor, and the buildings of world-famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

Ruy-Diaz doesn’t elaborate on the i-FD’s drivetrain. But being a proposal for a BMW i model it must be either electric or hybrid powered. And the fact it has an exhaust pipe is a clear indication there’s an internal combustion engine designed to fit somewhere within!

And no, there’s no talk of, chance of, or possibility of this car going into production.

Source: Carscoop via Feliciano Ruy-Diaz


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