Hyundai i-oniq Concept

Hyundai i-oniq

The 2012 Hyundai i-oniq concept probably isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste. But on the whole it’s quite a nice looking bit of kit. If you prized off the Hyundai badge at the front, I bet there’s very few people who would guess the car came from a budget Korean manufacturer.

Measuring in at 4.4 metres long (14.4 feet) long, the i-oniq (I keep wanting to call it the ironic) has space inside for four adults. Hyundai have fitted the car with a range of equipment designed to reflect contemporary and future premium consumer electronics technology. Hyundai say the interior design was inspired by the shape of musical instruments. In addition the i-oniq is fitted with something called a ‘penthouse roof’. Although I think that’s just Hyundai’s fancy new term for a glass roof.

Allan Rushforth, Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe, said of the concept, “The i-oniq concept has been created to reflect the new thinking that runs through the Hyundai brand.  It has a bold design, inside and out, that provokes contemplation on the future of automotive possibilities, and a powertrain that highlights one of the ways in which we could power future products – wrapped in a package that exudes premium qualities.”

Powering the Hyundai i-oniq concept is a hybrid drivetrain which consists of a 1.0 litre, 3-cylinder gasoline engine acting as a generator to supply electricity to lithium ion batteries which in turn power a 109 horsepower electric motor. In electric-only mode the i-oniq has a range of 75 miles (120 km). However with the help of the generator engine it can cover 435 miles (700km) before refueling.


Source: Hyundai

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