KFS Space 65'

KEYFRAMESTUDIO (KFS), an Italian yacht design firm, have just announced their latest project. The Space 65′ is a luxury yacht which has been designed from the outset to offer the most versatile and variable interior space in its class. In fact the KFS Space 65′ is so good at using its available space to the best of its ability, that it spawned a book “Space65′ YACHT DESIGN AND INNOVATION”, which will be used in universities across Europe to teach naval designers how to make the best use of the available deck area.

The KFS Space 65′ was designed to be both contemporary yet timeless in both function and in aesthetics. All the individual areas on the yacht have been designed to flow between each other to create new, larger and interchangeable areas that vastly increase the usability of the Space 65′. The huge variable transparency glass dome is the centerpiece of the yacht. This overlooks the lower salon to give it an heightened sense of depth, while also allowing natural light to enter deeper into the vessel. The huge glass aft door opens to the full width, effectively joining the outer sunbed areas with the inside salon creating an enormous open space. Like the dome, the main aft door is made entirely of variable transparency glass. This technology allows the door to become completely opaque, therefore becoming an ideal “cinema” screen for the the guests on-board Space 65′.

The variable transparency glass is layered with liquid crystal films that are able to vary their polarization electrically. This allows the dome to be totally transparent (to enjoy a wonderful starry night), partially obscured (during the hot hours of the day) or completely obscured (to have maximum privacy in a port).

KFS Space 65'

The tender is another notable feature of the yacht’s design. When parked it becomes an invisible part of the rear sea platform (hint: It’s in the center). This clever solution means the tender doesn’t take up valuable space within the hull itself. By storing the tender in this way the designers have allowed for a much larger service area and engine room.

Source: KFS

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