Lamborghini Ferruccio Concept

Lamborghini Feruccio

The Lamborghini Ferruccio concept is a purely theoretical rival to the technological masterpiece that is the Ferrari Enzo. The concept was created by Mark Hostler, a transport design student at Staffordshire University, as part of his coursework. The students were given the task of developing anniversary edition cars for the marque of their choice. And with Lamborghini turning 50 next year, the opportunity to imagineer the definitive raging bull was too good to miss.

The Lamborghini Ferruccio concept is inspired by all of the company’s headline V12 cars. The steeply raked front screen and hood were inspired by the Countach, as was the super-wide rear end. Hostler says that the rounded shapes of the front and rear wings were inspired by the sleek, curving, feminine lines of the Miura. But they must be well hidden because I can’t see anything remotely rounded or feminine about the car. It’s styling is so aggressive and aerodynamic it wouldn’t look out of place bolted underneath a jet fighter. Which is fitting, as the car’s third inspiration is the new Aventador and the limited edition Reventon. Both of which feature Lamborghini’s current “stealth fighter” design language.

As well as the extreme styling, the Lamborghini Ferruccio also features some extreme engineering. Anticipating Lamborghini’s eventual submission to tighter emissions regulations, Hostler has devised a powerplant which would allow the car to retain its V12 status while also conforming to the rules. The displacement would be reduced to 5.0 litres, and the engine would be force-fed air by a couple of turbocharges. Meanwhile, direct injection and a computer controlled camless valve system would help reduce fuel consumption.

Hostler said of his creation; “The Ferruccio is a car designed to showcase both the past and future of lamborghini, showing how new design and technologies blend seamlessly with the company’s rich heritage and history.”

Personally I’d like to see this guy try and do his thing over the Ferruccio. Those knee-piercing spikes should provide some additional incentive.

Source: Mark Hostler


  1. This would never be made. Who’s the person photoshopping and computer generating these weird sharp nosed suicide nukes on wheels?

  2. Excellent design has overal Lamborghini feel, but yes the w design nose would be a huge safety factor.

    As for fuel consumption why not use the system Shell used in the 40’s, they had a pressurised cylinder where they heated the fuel and fed the fumes to the engine.
    The liquid does not burn it is only the fumes, so we are wasting enormous amounts of fuel by injecting liquid fuel in our engines.

    They were able achieve over 100mpg plus.

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