New Facel Vega in the Works?

new Facel Vega

It’s being reported on a number of french-language automotive websites that a new Facel Vega is in development, and it could well be making its world debut at the Paris Motor Show in September. Facel Vega was a prestigious French manufacturer back in the fifties and sixties. The rarity of the cars and their classic status mean they usually swap hands for fairly substantial sums of money, and for over 30 years rumors of their return to production have been cropping up intermittently.

The latest information suggests the design of the car has been finalised, and judging by the renderings and sketches it will be a modern-looking coupe with just a few stylistic nods to its predecessors. Aside from the antiquated square grille – which doesn’t really match the rest of the car – the new Facel Vega is remarkably Maserati-like.

The interior sketches reveal a 2+2 configuration with four individual sports seats and a stylish dashboard design. While the drivetrain remains a mystery, the layout of the car strongly points to a front-engined vehicle, and the high center console which runs the length of the cabin appears large enough to comfortably house a RWD transmission and driveshaft.

Indications are the new Facel Vega, if it manages to stay on track, will be on sale by 2015.

Source: Left Lane News, Via (french)

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  1. At this juncture there seems to be no sign of a ‘NEW’ Facel Vega in Paris……Have views the floor plan at the Paris Auto Show official website and there is no FV listed……The only source of info, it turns out, is a Facebook page that stated yesterday “wait and see”……What ever that means……..Read somewhere online that the French Media says something to the effect the project(?) was by a bunch of design students (in France)……….I suspect they were sincere in their effort but perhaps bit off more that they could chew..

    Pity…….I was looking forward to a new Vega.

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