Valmet Dawn EV Concept

Valmet Dawn EV Concept

If someone was handing out a prize for the most mental concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, then they would have surely headed straight for the Valmet Automotive display stand. The bonkers concept is an enthusiastically over-ambitious electric vehicle which is designed to draw attention to the research and development projects the company is pursuing.

The Valmet Dawn EV concept is a single seater, with the driver sitting on the far-left of the vehicle. The huge battery pack takes up the center of the car, while the electric motor can be seen poking through the bodywork at the rear. That weird little blue swirly thing at the front of the car is supposed to be a wireless induction charging system.  This would allow the car to recharge its batteries while moving by absorbing energy from high-powered electric cables mounted under the road surface.

The race car-like cockpit of the Valmet Dawn EV concept features rather minimalist decoration. In the center of the steering wheel is a touch-screen display which provides the driver with data like speed, temperature, and range, while also acting as the interface for functions like the lights, indicators and charging options.

Markus Hirvonen, Project Manager at Valmet Automotive said of the car: “For decades, automotive industry has leaned on highly standardized solutions. Now they are no longer applicable; the powertrain for example must be engineered for every EV model separately.”

Unfortunately Valmet Automotive neglected to tell anyone how powerful, fast, or what sort of range the Dawn EV has.

Valmet Dawn EV Concept

Source: Valmet Automotive

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