BMW Joy Concept

BMW Joy concept

The BMW Joy concept is part BMW Isetta, part ATV, and part mini-monster truck. Its designer, Andrus Ciprian, wanted to create a vehicle which was designed purely for fun and didn’t take itself too seriously. To my eye it looks like he’s ticked those boxes and then some. There’s really only one world for the BMW Joy. Awesome. It should have every BMW Isetta owner frantically Googling for off-road tires, jacked up suspension, and chrome tubing in an effort to build their own version.

Andrus told diseno-art his BMW Joy concept was designed to accept an ATV engine producing 95 horsepower. However a higher output motorcycle engine would surely make things even more interesting. On the inside is a solitary racing seat with harness, and to protect the driver is a full roll cage.

The BMW Joy concept was designed to handle a wide variety of terrain, from sand and gravel, to mud and asphalt. From the looks of the renderings Andrus also sees them as making the perfect one-make off-road competition vehicle. I agree.

Source: Andrus Ciprian

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