Honda Concept C

Honda Concept C

The Honda Concept C is the second concept car Honda revealed at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, the other one being the Honda Concept S. The Honda Concept C is a preview of a mid-range sedan concept which is being developed for the Chinese market. Sadly, like the “S” in the Concept S, Honda’s tragic marketing department have dictated that the “C” should stand for something. They’ve gone with “Cool”, “Challenge” and “China”.

The Honda Concept C was developed through a collaboration between Honda design teams in both Japan and China. The styling is said to be inspired by the shape of traditional Chinese dragons. And while its not the most beautiful front end, it’s refreshing to see some degree of originality come out of China’s automotive sector.

The Honda Concept C will be mass-produced through Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. Sales are due to begin some time next year. Unlike the Concept S, there is no mention of sales outside China.

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