Honda Concept S

Honda Concept S

At the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, Honda took the opportunity to unveil two all-new concept vehicles. The Concept S is one of them. The Honda Concept S is a MPV concept, and also a preview of a new vehicle slated for the Chinese market – although it will be sold in other markets later. Honda say the “S” stands for “Stylish”, “Smart” and “Surprise”.  Right there is where Honda’s marketing people start to fail. They continue the downward spiral into the depths of BS with the intimation that the Concept S will be “fun to drive” – despite being manufactured in China by the Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd, – not exactly world renowned chassis specialists. The fun presumably comes after a low speed accident when you realise that the doctors will only amputate below the knee.

The Honda Concept S will be on sale in China next year, followed later by a global release. The concept adopts an unspecified hybrid drivetrain. But it’s unclear whether this will make it through to the production model.

Honda have thus far released very little information of the Concept S. The only other snippet of info is the fact the vehicle offers a ‘spacious cabin’, although the number of seats is unstated.

Source: Honda

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