Unbelievable Motorcycle Save

Genki Hagata highside

Genki Hagata, a north-Californian rider competing in the AFM Clubman middleweight class, as well as the 750 Superbike class and the 600cc class, just pulled off one of the most unbelievable recoveries from a high-side ever caught on camera. The footage was taken from the perfect angle – a forward-facing GoPro camera mounted to the rear of the bike.

Hagata’s ‘moment’ occurred at the Infineon Raceway during Supersport qualifying last Saturday. In Hagata’s own words; “the things that happened are only believable because there is video evidence.”

Thankfully Hagata’s only injuries were some sore ribs from bouncing off the tank. If you head on over to HagataRacing.com you can read the full account of the incident – and his other crash that weekend!

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