2020 Honda S2000 Concept

2020 Honda S2000 Concept

The Honda S2000 was one of the company’s most characterful vehicles ever. Its high-revving 4-cylinder engine and fantastic chassis made it one of the best driver’s cars out there. Sadly, when it was discontinued in 2009, Honda chose – primarily for budget reasons – not to offer a replacement.

However that doesn’t mean Honda have written-off an S2000 successor permanently, and a Honda-sponsored project at College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit proves just that. Honda asked student designers at CCS to come up with design proposals for an all-new S2000 for the year 2020. This particular design was developed by Michael Mcgee.

Mcgee took inspiration from R/C cars, which tend to have exaggerated lines and more simplistic components. The design also incorporates an appealing modular construction which allows different body panels to be quickly and easily changed to suit different tastes or needs.

Mcgee explains his concept: “My design is classic and advanced simultaneously. It uses simple surfacing but an innovative frame structure and function to balance a raw, classic sports car attitude with an advanced concept that pushes into the future. The inspiration is an R/C car, shown by the structure design and the emphasis on lightness and plastics. The yellow body sides of the car can be exchanged for other styles and colors based on the customers wants. These body sides also function as large doors.”

While this particular concept stands no chance of production, it’s reassuring to see that the powers-that-be at Honda haven’t completely given up on the S2000. Let’s just hope this project is a precursor to an official Honda-developed S2000 concept.

Source: Michael Mcgee Via Carscoop


  1. Wow, this is the only Honda I would ever consider purchasing…provided it’s still motivated by a gas powered engine, rear wheel drive and is equipped with at least a 3 liter V6 or turbo I4. A small block V8 would be awesome, too…hint, hint.

  2. Another proud S2000 owner….

    THIS IS AWFUL, i am glad concepts never look how they do when they reach the road!!

    And if this one does all i can hope for in 2020 is blindness and being struck down by gonorr-syphil-aids

  3. There’s a few bits I don’t like about it. It looks a bit too high in the middle for a sports car. But overall its got the same stuff that made the S2000 great. It’s small, designed with the race track in mind, and its styling stands out from the crowd.

    IMHO its not perfect but its not terrible either.

    But it’s never going to get built anyway so don’t worry!

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