Dartline 60 Powerboat Concept

Dartline 60 powerboat concept

Luxury powerboats are the ultimate expression of wealth. They’re hugely expensive, and unlike even a supercar they’re completely impractical for absolutley anything. Except perhaps looking good in open water. It takes a fairly special looking kind of vessel to stand out from the luxury yacht crowd these days, but that’s exactly what Italian designer Pietro Russomanno has created with his Dartline 60 concept.

Sadly that word ‘concept’ does make its way into the name – meaning it doesn’t actually exist yet. However the design is far from complicated, in fact it’s almost characterised by its symetrical simplicity. So any shipyards with some free time on their hands? You know who to call.

The Dartline 60 concept features cabin space within the hull, however Pietro doesn’t say how much or in what configuration. The exterior passenger area is made up of two intersecting circular spaces.  The front one incorporates the wrap-around windscreen as well as the cockpit area and additional seats. The rear circle features a rounded seating area and a large table, it also provides access to the rear swimming platform.

By using a classic combination of plain white paintwork, teak decking and chrome trim the Dartline 60 concept looks effortlessly cool. Somebody please make it.

Source: Pietro Russomanno

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