Toyota Camette Concept

Toyota Camette Sora

Toyota made the unusual decision to unveil the Camette concept at the 2012 International Tokyo Toy Show.  Toyota say the Camette is a family-orientated concept; although it better be a one-child family as the Camette only has three seats, and that kid better not need a stroller because there’s no room for that either. So really, while Toyota are saying the Camette is a family vehicle. It isn’t.

The Toyota Camette’s main appeal is in its versatility. The concept features fast-change body panels allowing the vehicle to be quickly and easily reconfigured for a variety of purposes. Toyota say this customizable approach to vehicle design is intended to; “give parents and children the chance to become more familiar with the workings of motor vehicles.” At the show Toyota revealed two different versions of the Camette; the cutesy-looking Sora, and a wannabe baby hummer called the Daichi.

The Toyota Camette has a triangular 1+2 seating layout inside. The driver sits front and center while the two passenger seats are positioned behind. However the Camette’s most outrageous feature has to be the controls. The pedals and seats are fully adjustable to allow children to operate the controls, while an adult seated in the right rear seat can assist with steering and braking. It sounds like a dream come true for kids the world over, and a fast-track solution for parents wanting mortgage-rivaling monthly insurance costs.

Toyota designed the concept from the outset to be just that, a concept. There are no plans or provisions whatsoever to put the Camette into production. Phew.


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