GMC Hotrod Concept

GMC Hotrod concept

The GMC Hotrod concept is an epic piece of automotive design which comes courtesy of Aldo Schurmann, a transport design student at IAAD (Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design ) in Turin Italy. The concept was created as part of his coursework in which the students were tasked with developing a concept car for the American manufacturer of their choice. The only catch was they had to design a vehicle which was different from what the company normally produced.

The GMC Hotrod concept certainly fills that part of the brief. In Schurmann’s words the concept is a blend of Caterham 7, Camaro and a Dune Buggy. Fittingly he’s picked a big ol’ V8 as the power source, and it’s mounted up front clearly, visible through a transparent panel in the hood. Schurmann proposes a six speed manual for the transmission. Not that it really needs to be said. But yeah, it’s RWD.

The GMC Hotrod’s passengers are partially protected from the elements by an expansive glass canopy which acts as a windscreen, roof and rear window. There are no doors and no side windows on the concept. In terms of style there’s a lot to like and not much to dislike. It looks extremely original, very sporty and the perfect tool for fair weather driving. My only criticism is the rear, where it looks like its missing some body work below the taillights. But hey, the rest of the car more than makes up for that!

To provide a high degree of customisation options Schurmann says the car was designed to use fast-change body panels which can be exchanged to provide a different look or suit different needs. Like track use.

Source: Aldo Schurmann


  1. That is awesome! I know it wasn’t designed by GMC, but that doesn’t look like a very complicated design for a reasonably competent home mechanic/fabricator. I’m sure it’s easier said than done but it just looks like a spaceframe chassis and a few bodypanels. Slap a 350 in there and get some nice wheels and you’re done.*

    *It may be more difficult than that but you get the idea!

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